Study Abroad India

MUSI 3970: Global Music and Culture Exploration: India (3 credits) + SOCY 5970: Sociology of Indian Music

Instructors: Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury, Biggio Center and Director, Auburn Indian Music Ensemble + Dr. Allen Furr, Department of Sociology

Dates: TBD Tentative plan for Summer 2013  [Updated info. coming soon]

Experience the music and culture of India in what promises to be an intense educational experience amongst the sites, sounds and smells of India! Join Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury on a journey that will have you in close contact with Indian musicians, artists and dancers as you learn about the long history and rich tapestry of Indian culture. The course starts  in New Delhi airport. We shall meet there and proceed together for the rest of the trip. The group will spend one week in Delhi area and then fly to Kolkata for the second half of the course. The group will fly back from Kolkata to Delhi together and then catch international flights out of the country. 

A 4-day excursion to sites in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur will be coupled with learning about the particular musical traditions of the 'gharanas' or schools of music associated with these locations. Instruction will occur in buses as we travel, on site and in the hotels where we stay.  Instruction will be in English and Dr. Chaudhury will act as a translator for Hindi language (Delhi area) and Bengali (Kolkata) as needed when we interact with people who may not speak much English. We shall receive lectures from professors of Indian music, sit in a house concert with a sitar player, learn drumming from experienced artists and even get to experience how rhythmic practices are tied closely to classical dance performances. In Kolkata, we shall visit instrument makers whose workshops have not changed much for a century and learn how they bring sitars, tanpuras, tablas and other indigenous instruments to life. 

Program Fee: $TBD. Includes all instructional costs, visa fees, travel within India, hotel/airport transfers and a 4-day excursion with museum fees. Does not include International Airfare, lunches/dinners, and personal expenses. The 3-6 credits earned also require an Auburn Abroad Study Fee of $$XXX. An estimate of these other costs comes to about $$ (TBD) depending on the cost of the airline ticket. 

Students not currently enrolled as Auburn University students may enroll as transient students. 

E-mail: schaudhury AT auburn DOT edu