"A thousand words fly from my pen
Like so many fluttering carrier pigeons
And as if by some secret modulation process
Each word-pigeon carries a special message
strapped to its belly."

David Bruce Swanger - Philosopher, Musician, Poet, dedicated truth-seeking Christian (card carrying, tithe paying Episcopalian), Retired Mfg. Engineer (Process Control), Father of Three, Husband of One, Friend of Many.

Hello "Friends Out There"--my name is David B. Swanger. My interests in life have led me to membership in various orders and groups such as The Freemasons and The Rosicrucians. As you can see, I have a wide interest in things--trying always to "look beneath the surface" for those really important meanings.

Herewith is a listing of titles of short poems and other stuff that I have written. OK all ye truth seeking open-minded inquiring souls out there (and I know you're out there), make selection...download and enjoy!

  • Loveliest Girl
  • Musing At Mad Indian Creek
  • Livestock Arena
  • Swaying Sedge
  • Immersion
  • Word-Pigeons
  • A Share of Light
  • Fresco
  • Tumbling Boxes
  • Bama Morning
  • Getting In The Boat (A Fable)
  • Mango Peel
  • Holy Deduction
  • Rising Up
  • Some Words In Word Pigeons

  • Please email all inquiries and comments to: swanger@syl.mindspring.com