Laboratory Personnel

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Principal Investigator:

Sang-Jin Suh - Associate Professor


  • University of Chicago:                    A.B. Honors in Biology (1984)
  • University of Wisconsin:                 M.S. in Bacteriology (1987)
  • University of Wisconsin:                 Ph.D. in Bacteriology (1994)

     Postdoctoral Training in Bacterial Pathogenesis

  • University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine (1994 - 1996)
  • University of Tennessee School of Medicine (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow: 1996 - 1998)
  • Medical College of Virginia (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow: 1998 - 2000; NIH Trainee: 2000 - 2002)

Current Graduate Students: 

Huachen Gan

Subarna Barua

Oluchi Oyekwe     

Current Undergraduate Students:

Patrick Ang

Current Visiting Scholars:

Vipin Singh, Ph.D.

Current Visiting (Adopted) Graduate Students:

Current High School Students:

Sarah Yun


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Postdoctoral Fellows:

Research Specialists:

Graduate Students:

Undergraduate Students:

High School Students:

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