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2012 Math Placement Test





2012 Auburn University
Mathematics Placement Exam
Instructions and Answers


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics requires all entering first-year students to take a Mathematics Placement Exam to ensure correct placement in college-level math courses. Your score on the placement exam will allow you to enroll in the right course during Camp War Eagle.


Before you start

  • Be sure you have scratch paper and pencils. No calculators, please.
  • Allow at least 45 minutes for the exam. Most students finish in less time, but you will have 90 minutes. However, once you start you cannot pause and return later.
  • Have your Auburn University UserID and Password ready.

When you are ready

  • Click here to see video instructions and a link to the exam login page.
  • When you reach the login page, be sure to run the Check Browser (link in upper right) before logging in.
  • Log in with your Auburn UserID and Password. You will NOT be able to log in if you have not activated your account.
  • After you log in, click the link for the Math Placement Test 2011 class in the Course Listing.
  • Be sure to answer the survey and take the test.
  • On the course homepage you will see:

Description: Description: C:\AAwrk\yr-1112\Summer2012\cwe\mathexam\images\mpt_layout.jpg

If you have Technical Problems

Login problem
If you're unable to login to Blackboard after viewing the instructional video, incoming students (not parents) may contact IMG at (334) 844-5181 (Monday - Friday, 7:45AM - 4:45PM Central). Please have ready access to your personal computer when you call.

Your browser crashes
Save your answers as you take the exam. (You can change the answer before you submit the test.) Then, if your browser crashes or the test freezes, close out your browser completely (all windows and tabs), and reopen the browser; you should be able to resume the quiz if the test time has not expired.

Math Placement Exam FAQs


Questions not answered below

·         We have established a special email account that will be monitered by a staff member concerning questions about the Mathematics Placement exam.  If your question is not answered below then email .

What topics does the placement exam cover?

·         The exam covers standard high school mathematics, primarily algebra and trigonometry. If you wish to review in preparation for the algebra exam, the following topics are covered:  arithmetic of rational numbers, operations with algebraic expressions, linear equations and inequalities, factoring and algebraic fractions, exponents and radicals, graphing and distance, fractional and quadratic equations and inequalities, logarithms, functions, complex numbers, absolute values, systems of equations. 

·         Many of you will need to take only the algebra portion of the placement exam, but if you have studied trigonometry in high school you will be given the opportunity to take the trigonometry section of the placement exam. Your score on the trigonometry portion cannot lower your placement and may, in some cases, actually allow you to be placed in a higher-level math course. You and your advisor can discuss that during Camp War Eagle.

·         The two placement exams are independent and may be taken at separate sittings.

Why does Auburn give an exam?

  • We want you to succeed. The placement exam score will help place you in the right CORE math course.

Do I have to take the exam—even if I have taken AP Math or don’t plan to take math at Auburn?

  • Yes. All entering freshmen are required to take the placement exam.

How will the placement score be used?

  • The test will be used to determine a student’s appropriate placement into Auburn math. Although the score will not be used to supersede credit earned via transferable coursework or AP/IB testing, ALL students must take the placement test, failure to complete the placement test in a timely manner (at least one week prior to the arrival at Camp War Eagle) will prevent the student from registering for anything other than Math 1000 while at Camp War Eagle.

Should I get help taking the test to improve my score?

  • ABSOLUTELY NOT. The test is designed to measure your mathematical abilities so you can begin your college career in the appropriate math course. Obtaining outside help will place you in a class that you will likely fail. Reviewing math concepts and skills beforehand is recommended, but the test should be taken by you and you alone.

When should I take the test?

  • As soon as you have at least 45 minutes to take the test. You should take the exam at least a week before you attend Camp War Eagle session. (Note that it is not required that the exam be taken before May 15; but it should be taken at least once before you attend Camp War Eagle session in order that you be properly placed in a mathematics class.)

When will I see my score?

  • Immediately after you take the test. If after you see your score you think you can do better, you can review for a few days and take the test again.

What if I don’t take the test?

  • Students who do not complete the test will be placed in a math class that does not meet the CORE math requirement. The minimum math requirement for each major is listed here.

Can I have extra time on the test?

  • The test is designed for 45 minutes but will not time out for 90 minutes.  If you are a student who has had an extra time accommodation in high school then you should plan to take that extra time on the placement exam; you should register with the Office of Accessibility (334-844-2096) when you come to Auburn.

I didn’t score high enough for the first mathematics course in my curriculum.  What can I do?  Does that mean that I need to switch majors?

  • You do not need to change your major.  Your grade on the placement exam indicates that you are not mathematically ready at this time for the first mathematics course in your major (such as Calculus).  So you will need to take the course with the necessary prerequisite material.  To help students in this situation we are offering online versions of our college algebra and pre-calculus courses during the summer terms; they can be taken online over the internet from home and students are only required be on campus for the final exam.  These courses will also be available in the Fall.

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