Greetings Human Odyssey students (and colleagues)!

Our class will examine a (much too small) portion of the history of western civilization. Our goal is to bring you some of the major themes and ideas that have been discovered, created and invented during the evolution of our civilization. The relationship between the humanities and the sciences will be especially important for our considerations. Mny themes we can only touch upon; but we hope to give indications of directions for further development.

Please see my page of links, which I will try to develop into a list of interesting site along with commentary. Feel free to contact us concerning interesting sites that you feel are pertinent to the course.


Student Essays:

Detailed assignments will discussed in class.

An interesting article on the Enlightenment

An article "Back From Chaos in the Atlantic Monthly by a well known Entomologist, E. O. Wilson.
It will help your understanding of the Enlightenment:
"Enlightenment thinkers knew a lot about everything, today's specialists know a lot about a little, and postmodernists doubt that we can know anything at all. One of the century's most important scientists argues, know, and that we will discover underlying all forms of knowledge a fundamental unity."

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