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The Cosmic Kitchen


    ....our purpose is to consolidate the students of Auburn University into the one-mind body through the music of the spheres -psychedelic space rock. Strategically stationed on FRIDAY from 6 to 9 pm, the Cosmic Kitchen beams a blanket of psychedelia to the ears of the Auburn area. The soothing fuzztone and phase shifted tunes bring peace and harmony to strained and stressed listeners. We recommend that listeners have the proper set and setting for their astral journey with us. This entails comfortable seating, dimmed lights, black light, strobe, oil slides, and whatever else you need to leave this dimension behind and voyage to the cosmos. This page is a resource for information on the bands we play and other groovy stuff. Enjoy!!

    Cosmic artists utilized for mental awakening.

    This is the music that will turn on your middle eye and hopefully leave it on. Some of this music is easily avaliable at record stores, some by internet or mailorder and some is nearly impossible to get. If you are interested in finding more about music on this page e-mail ME , Mike McCollum, for more information. I'd be glad to turn you on...


  • HAWKWIND -26 years and still flying high. sci-fi space rock, many of their albums are killer. former members include Lemmy, Ginger Baker, and Simon House(David Bowie's Band) check their page in the links section.
  • OZRIC TENTACLES - instrumental band that plays ethnic space reggae swirly jammy stuff. we have several of their albums all are great. check their page in the links section.
  • GONG - travel to the planet gong with the pot-head pixies. these guys encode trancendental messages into a fun mythology. Highly recommend the Radio Gnome/Angel's Egg/You trilogy.
  • PINK FLOYD -the name says it all. we have a large selection of pink floyd stuff including rare singles and live stuff that we play. Check their page in the links section.
  • SPACE DAZE - Compilation on Cleopatra of space rock bands from 60's to nineties. A good overview of whats out there. maybee a little heavy on the electronic stuff.


  • Beatles
  • C.A. Quintet
  • Cream
  • Doors
  • Fifty Foot Hose
  • Grateful Dead
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Idle Race
  • Iron Butterfly
  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Moody Blues
  • Moving Sidewalks
  • Nice
  • Red Crayola
  • Rolling Stones
  • Small Faces
  • Soft Machine
  • Skip Spence
  • Status Quo
  • Thirteenth Floor Elevators
  • Ultimate Spinach
  • Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention


  • Beyond the calico wall
  • Electric sugar cubes flashbacks CD
  • Nuggets V. 1 & 2
  • Pebbles V. 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 13
  • 30 seconds over the calico wall



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