Persistent Issues in History: Major Question Areas with Examples of Topic Specific-Questions for Selected History Topics


Persistent Issue

Potential Topic Area
Topic-Specific Question

I.   What actions are justified in the interest of the welfare or security of the community?



    i.         Cold War

Who was most responsible for the rise and escalation of the Cold War?

II. What standards must be met to give leadership legitimate authority?




  ii.         WashingtonÕs Presidency

Was the Washington Administration justified in the actions it took to exert national authority over states and individual citizens?

III. When are citizens justified in resisting governmental authority?




 iii.         African-American Civil Rights Movement

What strategies should civil rights activists pursue to continue the struggle for a more just, equal society after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

IV. What should society do to promote fairness and justice for people who live within its jurisdiction?



 iv.         Reconstruction

Were Reconstruction policies the most appropriate means for the government to establish freedom and equality for former slaves following the Civil War?

V.  What is the best way to distribute a societyÕs resources?



   v.         Chinese Revolution of 1949

How successful were the policies of Mao Zedong in producing a better quality of life for Chinese citizens?