Visualize the Verse

Reading to Learn Lesson

By: Sterling Wine



Rationale: Comprehension is one of the major goals of reading. Students eventually become fluent readers and they can then begin pulling information from their reading and not just focusing on decoding. Visualization is one strategy to help students gain a lot from what they read. In order for children to understand what is happening in a passege they can help comprehend it if they can picture it in their head. This can also help students to remember how things happen in a book and follow the sequence. The goal of this lesson is to teach visualization and to learn how to better understand and recall information.


Materials: Class copy of the poem Shh! They are Sleeping By Joyce Sidman and copies of the poem The Way I Play Soccer by Natasha Niemi, Copies of assessment checklist, blank paper and pencils.



1.      SAY: When we read something like a story or a poem sometimes it is hard to recall what is specifically happening or what the order of the things that are happening are in. One way for us to be able to better recall this information is for us to visualize what is happening. When we visualize we paint a picture of what we are reading in our heads. As we read we paint more of the picture in our head or it may change. We picture what is happening all in our heads. When we can picture what we are reading it is easier to remember what we just read.

2.      First we are going to practice visualizing with the poem Shh! They are Sleeping. I want you to picture every detail of this. I am going to read this out loud to you and you can follow along as I read. After we read I want  you to read it to yourself and then share with your neighbor exactly what you saw in your picture and what it was that you visualized

3.      It is important to realize that each person has a different imagination and they may visualize something in a different way that you did but that does not mean they visualized it wrong.

4.      Did you hear any words that you didn’t recognize? What about beneath? Do you know what it means to be beneath? Beneath means that it is under something. What are other words you could say instead of beneath? Under, down from, underneath etc.

5.      Say: Can you picture what it is that is sleeping? What do you see? Where are they? What does it look like? What do you think is around them? What do you think they are? Now I want you to draw me a picture of what you saw, (Hand out paper) draw whatever it was that you saw. There is no right or wrong way to do this, let your imagination run wild!

6.      Now you are going to try this one on your own. I am not going to tell you the title of this one because I want you to decide on you own what you want it to be as you read. (Hand out The Way I Play Soccer) While you read this you may be visualizing one thing and your visualization may change as you gather more details from the poem.

7.      I want you to read the poem twice and draw whatever you see.

8.      As students draw walk around and observe. As they begin to finish, talk to each student and evaluate their understanding using the assessment checklist.




Shh! They are Sleeping by Joyce Sidman


Shhh! They are small.

Shhh! They are many.

Shhh! In a heap, they lie soundly asleep.


Soft is their fur.

Soft are their noses.

Soft is the curl of their grassy nest-keep.


Eyes not quite open.

Ears in a tangle.

Paws folded close beneath whisker and chin


Shhh! They are hidden.

Shhh! They are waiting.

Gathering strength for their life to begin.



 The Way I Play by natasha Niemi


Sweat streams down my face,
And my skin turns red under the watchful eye of the sun.
The sound of cleats pounding the earth is deafening
As my enemies charge down the field towards me.
I can sense the shooter is going to miss;
All at once, the ball collides into my chest.
Screams of victory roar across the field.
The grass stained, game ball rests
Rests lovingly between my two hands.


Assessment Checklist

Comprehension Questions



Is the picture about the poem?



Does the picture show comprehension of poem?



Does the picture include some details from the poem?



Can you interpret the picture?



Can the student describe to you what is going on in the picture about the poem?




Checklist Taken from: Picture that Poem Perfectly By: Shawna Harris



Page used to plan for Visualize the Verse : Picture that Poem Perfectly By: Shawna Harris

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