S…….s Slither like a Snake! I say with S

Emergent Literacy Design

By Sterling Wine

I.                   Rationale: This lesson will help children identify /s/, the phoneme represented by S. Students will learn to recognize the sound /s/ in spoken words by learning a meaningful representation (moving arm back and forth, slithering snake) and they will learn the letter symbol of S. They will practice finding /s/ in words and apply their phoneme awareness with /s/ by picking between rhyming words from beginning letters.


II.                Materials: Construction paper with large letter S on them, chart with tongue tickler “ Six Starving Snakes Slurped down Spaghetti,” cooked spaghetti noodles, pencil and paper, Miss Spiders ABC’s (Scholastic,2000); word cards SNAKE, SIT, SAT, TAKE, FIST, ZOO, SAM; assessment worksheets to identify the letter S and pictures that correspond. (Link below)


III.             Procedures:

a.     Learning how to read can be sneaky! We have to learn what sounds these letters make and what our mouths do when we read these sounds. Today we are going to work on what happens when you say /s/. We spell /s/ with S. S looks like a snake crawling on the ground, snakes slither on the ground and say /s/. Now move you hand like a snake and say /s/.

b.     Lets pretend your arm is a snake, /s/,/s/, /s/, (moving your arm as you say /s/)

c.      Now we are going to find the letter S in a word. Let me show you how to find the S in the word Snake. I’m going to say snake very stretched out ssssss-n-a-k-e, ssssss-nnn-aaaa-kkkk-eee. There, when my tongue is pressed up against the my teeth you hear the /s/ sound. I can hear myself say /s/ in snake. My teeth are together and the air leaks out!

d.     Now we are going to do a tongue tickler, “ Six Starving Snakes Slurped down Spaghetti.” We are going to say it together and every time you hear /s/ move your arm like a snake. We are going to do it again but this time I really want you to hiss like a snake when you say it Sssssix Sssssstarving Ssssssnakes Ssssslurped down Ssssspaghetti. Now we are going to do it one more time and I want you to break down the word and say the S separate from the word /s/ix /s/tarving /s/nakes /s/lurped down /s/paghetti.

e.      Now we are going to practice making the letter S. I will say: when writing letter S start at the rooftop, make a curve, slide down the fence and scoop up the sidewalk. For small letter s, start at the fence and swoop up, slide down to the sidewalk and scoop up the spaghetti. I will pass out the pieces of paper with large letter S on it. Each table of students will be given a small portion of spaghetti noodles (cooked but no sauce!) to curve to make the letter S and place on top of their construction paper.

f.       (Students take out pencil and paper) After we do the spaghetti activity we are going to practice writing them on paper, with a pencil. We will talk about how S looks like a snake slithering on the ground his head is facing to the right and his tail is at the left side. To make small letter s, you start at the middle line and not the top line. I want you to make one perfect one and I will approve it, after that I want you to write 5 big S and 5 little s.

g.     Raise your hand if you can tell me when you hear the /s/? Do you hear it in soft or hard? Sticky or gooey? Sit or walk? Saturn or earth? Now let me see if you can spot it when my mouth moves: six, sailboat, boat, swim, run, kiss, fox, mop, zoom, nose

h.     Now we are going to look at Miss Spiders ABC’s, read the page with the letter S on it, drawing out the /s/ sound. Do you hear /s/ in spider? Think of a silly spider name, what about Spickles? Now I want you to write your silly spiders name and draw me a picture of your silly spider!

i.       For the final assessment I will have them complete a worksheet in which the words will be listed on one side and the pictures will be on the other side. They will match the pictures to the words that start with the letter S.

j.       Assessment Worksheet:  http://www.abcteach.com/documents/phonics-letter-s-matching-picture-to-word-printable-worksheet-letter-theme-day-s-prek-kindergarten-grade-1-52959




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