Herbert Jack Rotfeld
Professor, Department of Marketing
Raymond Harbert College of Business
Auburn University, Alabama  U.S.A.
          D.Og., published authorBiographic note on homo academicus

Author of essays, commentary & literature reviews on
link Teaching, higher education and other campus illusions
link Business practices against the consumers' interest
link Marketing abused: serving the wrong consumer benefits
link Marketing myths and common misunderstandings
link Marketing regulation and self-regulation
link Doing & publishing research: authors, editors and reviewers
link Conference discussants & other bystanders
link Businesses' too-common production orientation

Of special interest

Adventures in Misplaced Marketing sold by ABC-Clio/Greenwood 

→ Analysis of the inherent limits to the power of business (& advertising) self-regulation, J of Public Policy & Marketing, 11 (Spring 1992): 87-95 

Fear Appeals and Persuasion: Assumptions and Errors in Advertising Research, J of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 11 (#1, 1988): 21-40

The Textbook Effect: Conventional Wisdom, Myth, and Error in Marketing, J of Marketing, 64 (April 2000): 122-6

A Pessimist's Simplistic Historical Perspective on the Fourth Wave of Consumer Protection, J of Consumer Affairs, 44 (Summer 2010): 423-9

The Stealth Influence of Covert Marketing and Much Ado About What May Be Nothing, J of Public Policy & Marketing, 27 (Spring 2008): 63-8

The Pragmatic Importance of Theory for Marketing Practice, J of Consumer Marketing, 31 (#4, 2014): 322-27

The Advertising Regulation & Self-Regulation Issues Ripped from the Headlines with (Sometimes Missed) Opportunities for Disciplined Multidisciplinary Research, Journal of Advertising, 38 (Winter 2009): 5-14

Toward a Pragmatic Understanding of the Advertising & Public Policy Literature, J of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 29 (Spring 2007): 67-80

The Compatibility of Advertising Regulation and the First Amendment--Another View, J of Marketing & Public Policy, 1 (1982): 139-47

How I Met the Late Howard Gossage, on the disk companion for The Book of Gossage, 2nd Edition

→ AU's Tiger Transit Bus Stops' Impact on Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

Annual Report Guidelines, The Irascible Professor (October 29, 2012)

→ Last J. of Consumer Affairs editorial, Parting Perspectives from an Aging Editor (& thanks for all the fish), 45 (Fall 2011): 539-46

→ As president of campus AAUP chapter, prerecorded a presentation for AU's 2013 new faculty orientation

   Bearing witness to students' education
MKTG 3310 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 4050/4057 Misplaced Marketing & Consumers' Interests
MKTG 4320 Advertising [formerly "Promotional Strategies"]
MKTG 4410 Consumer Behavior               
MKTG 3410 Consumer Behavior [2000-2011]  
MKTG 7050-6 Social & Legal Environment of Marketing
MKTG 7320-6 Advertising Strategy
How to Fail a Course    
Special people to remember
Kim Rotzoll (1935-2003) "We are educating students for their last job, not training them for their first."
Ivan Preston (1931-2011) publishing his research analysis in law journals where he thought it could influence people who read it (instead of the usual journals for colleagues in his communications department), he tracked down the answers to interesting questions, living as a scholar in disciplines in which many of his colleagues are unable to perceive academic research as anything other than a job requirement.

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Herbert Jack Rotfeld
Department of Marketing
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