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Dept. of Economics

Auburn University

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Labor Market for College Students/Graduates

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Economics of the Family

Economics of Crime


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Current Research Projects

“The Determinants of Internship Opportunities: Estimates from a Résumé Audit” (with David Jaeger, John Nunley and Eric Wilbrandt)


"The Effects of Majors, Minors and Internship Experience on Employment Opportunities: Results from a Correspondence Audit of the Labor Market for Newly-Minted College Graduates" (with David Jaeger and John Nunley)


"The Effects of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender on Employment Prospects: Results from a Field Experiment" (with Jonathan Bushnell, David Dowling, Sam Goldstein, David Jaeger, George Miller and John Nunley)


In-Utero Exposure to Pollution and Criminal Activity of Young Adults” (with Duha Altindag, David Jaeger, and Divya Sadana)


“Unemployment, Underemployment, and Employment Opportunities: Results from a Correspondence Audit of the Labor Market for College Graduates” (with John Nunley, Adam Pugh, and Nicholas Romero) Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 60: 642-669.


“College Major, Internship Experience, and Employment Opportunities: Estimates from a Résumé Audit” (with John Nunley, Adam Pugh, and Nicholas Romero) Labour Economics, Vol. 38: 37-46.

            Press coverage: Wall Street Journal; Chicago Policy Review


“Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market for Recent College Graduates: Estimates from a Field Experiment” (with John Nunley, Adam Pugh, and Nicholas Romero) The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Contributions), Vol. 15: 1093–1125.

            Press coverage: Fortune Magazine


“The Impact of Inflation on Property Crime” (with John Nunley, Mike Stern, Joachim Zietz) Contemporary Economic Policy, Vol. 34: 483-499.


“Child-Custody Reform and the Division of Labor in the Household” (with John Nunley and Duha Altindag) Review of the Economics of the Household, Vol. 15: 833-856.


“Security and Government Credibility” (with Randy Beard, Richard J. Martin, and Michael Stern)


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