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Yes, I finally did it, starting making some tiles. Since I've seen what has happened to some of my very good friends about giving away things, I would like to say please feel free to use these on your site in any way, shape or form you would like. There is just one thing that I ask. Download or save these graphics files to your own hard drive and upload them to your own server. I will be changing the names of these often, and if you link back to my site, you might find a very odd looking graphic where you once had a background! To save, right click on the image and then choose "Save as" from the drop down menu.

It would be nice if you would credit the artist, Cecilia Price, at

Logo for Artmaker Studio.

Feel free to use the logo you see here as a link back to

I have tested all of these. Some of them don't tile as well as the others, perhaps two of them are not seamless, but still look quite nice. So I am going to include them in the collection. All these graphics are my own work and as such, are copyrighted work. However, I release you to use them freely, as long as you credit the artist.

All of these have been tested with snow white text. That seems to be the color that shows up best against these multi-colored tiles.

orange graphicblue and gold graphicshades of orange graphic
blue and pink graphicblue and pink graphiclavender and blue graphic
another blue and lavender graphic multicolored graphic

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