The Thermal and Infrared Laboratories

Research Focus

The labs investigate and explore three main research areas in human and animal models: 1) Thermoregulation. This encompasses research on both human and animal adaptive processes, the functions of blood under the influence of thermal stress, and thermal (sports or work gear) or protective barrier clothing. The blood research relies on a high special resolution (>90 nm) microscope that investigates live samples in an aqueous solution without distortions from typical slide preparation procedures. 2) Infrared Imaging. This non-contact, non-invasive measure of surface body heat allows our researchers to pursue issues related to thermal regulation, Sports Medicine, Plastic Surgery, and Pandemic Screening. The infrared imaging focused on thermally challenging physiological responses and thermal patterns (signatures) of medical problems, both of which require the investigation of dynamic responses of skin to regulate the human body against stress. 3) Gastrointestinal Research. The lab is the home of the Gastrointestinal Research Center that is a brings together the collaborative expertise of individuals from Auburn School of Kinesiology, Veterinary Medicine, and other Universities to investigate gastrointestinal investigations related to hydration, food, fuel ,medications, and immune responses. The gut is the largest immune organ in the body and regulates oxidative stressors originating in the gut.

Research Facilities/Equipment

The Thermal and infrared Labs feature an 12’ by 12’ environmental chamber that allows our researchers to investigate climatic conditions between 140°C to -40°C and 10 to 80% humidity. We have three infrared imaging systems that provide non-contact, non-invasive skin surface temperatures maps. This thermal analysis allows us to evaluate the interchange between core-skin and environment during situation of thermoregulation, use as a research-diagnostic tool for sports medicine in humans and animals, and evaluate clothing designed for moisture transport and heat transfers. Our biochemistry lab has a microscope that can provide greater than 90 nm resolution of live samples. This allows us to visualize in great acuity tissue samples and some physiological functions. We also have standard equipment: Woodway treadmills, Excalibur electrically braked cycle ergometer, Velodynes, and Computrainers.

Current Research

1.) Our lab is the home of the Gastrointestinal Research Center. We have been pursing research related to the influence of exercise and heat on gut function, and oxidative stress in both animals and humans.
2.) We are also investigating blood Activity as related to exercise, heat, hydration status, and disease states. Our high resolution microscope allows us to investigate active live samples.
3.) Thermoregulatory responses related to clothing.

Contact the Lab

You can call me 334-844-1977 (lab), 334-844-1619 (0ffice), or send an email with any questions you might have.

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