Web-based ESL/EFL

On-Line Grammar and Dictionaries

Oxford Concise Dictionary
Hypertext Webster at UCSD
Anthony Hughes' Online English Grammar

Reading Materials and Exercises, Literacture

Reading Materials at LinguaCenter
Time Magazine On-line
US News On-line
Reading materials from Impact On-line
Jack London Collection
The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Listening and Speaking

Listening Materials from LinguaCenter
Listening Quizzes from Cutting Edge
Learning Oral English On-line (U Illinios)

Writing and Business English

Purdue On-line Writing Lab
U Victoria Writer's Guide
Simulated On-line Letters and Faxes
100 Formal Letters (ruth Vilmi)

Grammar, Vocabulary and Idioms

Grammar and Vocabulary exercises from CNN
Teaching Grammar
Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students
Dave Sperling's ESL Quiz Center
The Internet Grammar of English Exercises
The ESL Center
Karin's ESL PartyLand The Quiz Center

Vocabulary Quizzes
Test Your English (Digital Education Network)
Dave Sperling's Vocabulary Exercises
Cobuild Fill-the-blank Competition
Hypertext English Language Practice
Academia Boston Interactive Quizzes


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