What color is the man's hair?

by Diana Law-Stewart

I would have a short period of comprehensible input before asking them to complete this activity. The students would already be familiar with parts of the body and physical descriptions as well as the concepts of possession and plurality. Now they will be introduced to the vocabulary for articles of clothing and colors using several grammatical structures that express these concepts.This could be done with statements such as: Nora's shoes are red. Tom's hair is brown.

Then I could ask some questions such as: What color are Nora's shoes? What color is Tom's hair?

Now the students will practice what they have learned in a communication gap activity. They will be put into groups of two and each of them will get an illustration with some missing information (see below). They must then ask each other for the missing information. The students will be provided with the names of the people in the illustration as well as examples.

Sample structure: What color are/is. ..They are/It is. ..
SI: What color are Tom's pants?
S2: They are blue.
S2: What color are Nora's glasses?
S I: They are blue.
SI: What color is Jason's hair?
S2: It is brown.

Instructions: You and a partner will be given two illustrations and some crayons. Each of you will have the same illustration, but with different articles of clothing and hair colored in. Do not let your partner see your illustration. Take turns asking each other for the needed information to finish coloring in the clothing, hair, etc.

Use this structure: What color is/are …? It is …/They are …


S1: What color is the man’s hair?
S2: It is black.

S1: What color are the woman’s shoes?
S2: They are blue.