An Evening at Cara's Café

By Cara Pumphrey

Jennifer and Allen meet at Cara's Café for dinner. Allen decides to pay for Jennifer's meal, but he only has $20.00, so he waits until Jennifer has ordered to decide what he can afford. He also wants to make sure that he saves enough money for both of them to have dessert later, and he knows that Jennifer likes to drink coffee with her dessert. In groups of three, finish the conversation in a way that allows Allen to pay for the meal and still eat a Main Course item. (Do not consider tax.) Then, read the conversation together.

Server: Good evening. How are you two tonight?
Jennifer: Fine, thank you.
Server: Very good. Would you like to see a menu?
Allen: Yes, please.
(The server gives each of them a menu. Allen and Jennifer read the menu.)
Server: Would you like to order your drinks first?
Allen: Yes. Do you know what you want, Jennifer?
Jennifer: Yes. I would like a lemonade, please.
Allen: I would like a Coke.
Server: Very good. Would you like an appetizer with that?
Allen: Would you like one, Jennifer?
Jennifer: The pretzels sound good.
Allen: Okay. We would each like a pretzel.
Server: Good. I will be back with your drinks and pretzels in a minute.
Then, I will take your order.
(Server exits.)
Allen: What would you like to eat, Jennifer?
Jennifer: I don't know. What would you like?
Allen: I don't know either.
Jennifer: I think I will order the Vegetable Stir-Fry with Brown Rice.
Allen: Okay. Would you like a salad or some soup?
Jennifer: A salad would be good. I think I will order the House Salad, too.
Allen: Hmmm…I think I will order…

(What will their total bill be? _____________________________ )