Campus Map Activity

by John Morley

It is time for you to learn your way around the beautiful Auburn University campus! Make directions that will take you to each building on the list. You must start at the police station on Donahue Dr. Try to find the shortest route possible!

1. Conference Center (CONF CTR)
2. Eagle Cage
3. Ramsey Hall (RAMSEY)
4. Foy Student Union (FOY)
5. Lowder Business Building (LOWDER)


Turn right onto Donahue Dr. Quickly turn right onto Thach Ave. Then turn right onto Duncan Dr. The Eagle Cage will be on your left. Turn left onto Roosevelt Dr. Next, turn left onto College St. Look to your right and you will see the Conference Center. After you pass the Conference Center, turn left onto Thach Ave. Foy Student Union will be on your right. Turn right onto Donahue Dr. Take another right onto Magnolia Ave. Lowder Business Building is on your right. Drive a bit further and you will finally see Ramsey Hall on the right.