A Sample Class Observation Sheet


Date and Time:_________________ Course Title: ________________ Instructor: ___________________


(e.g., 9:05)
Name of Activity
(e.g., dialogue, role- playing)
Description of Activity (e.g., Interaction Pattern, What the T and Ss are doing? Which aspect of language or which skill is involved (vocabulary, speaking, etc.)? Comments (Can you see the T's purpose for the activity? What element of a lesson is involved, presentation, practice, or application? pace appropriate? Ss performance satisfactory? Ss interested? T directions clear? T correcting errors?
Questions to consider while observing the class and writing the report:
1. What do you think are the objectives of this class? How can you tell?
2. What elements of a lesson (preparation, presentation, practice, application) are present in this class and in what order?
3. Is any new language introduced in today's class? What is it? How does the teacher introduce the new material?
4. What is the ratio of Teacher Talking Time vs. Students Talking Time?
5. What is the ratio of focus-on-forms exercises vs. focus-on-meaning activities?
6. Does the teacher correct the students' errors? If yes, what types of errors get corrected and how?
7. What does the teacher do to engage the Ss in learning activities?