Kenneth W. Noe

Alumni Professor and Draughon Professor of Southern History, Dept. of History, 310 Thach Hall, Auburn University, AL 36849

 Fall 2015:  10-11 MWF, and by appointment

Office: 314 Thach Hall

Telephone: (334) 844-6626, E-mail:
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My Courses:
          HIST 1027: Honors World History II
          HIST 2010: U. S. History to 1877  

          HIST 2017: Honors U. S. History

          HIST 3090: Appalachia
          HIST 3800: The Historian's Craft
          HIST 3970: The Civil War in American Memory
          HIST 4930: Senior Thesis
          HIST 5040: Civil War and Reconstruction
          HIST 6040: Civil War and Reconstruction (grad)
          HIST 7150: Reading Seminar in Civil War History

          HIST 7970: Graduate Research Seminar

          HIST 8710: Introduction to the Teaching of History

Course Related Links:
          Civil War Photographs (Library of Congress)

          Constitutions (Confederate) and (United States)
          Edwards' "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
          Emancipation Proclamation
          Garrison Editorial
          Jefferson's First Inaugural Speech
          Jensen's Guide to the Civil War on the WWW

          Kansas-Nebraska Act
          Lee's Farewell Speech
          Lincoln's House Divided Speech
          Lincoln's First Inaugural Speech
          Lincoln's Second Inaugural Speech
          State Secession Declarations
          Stephens's Cornerstone Speech
          U. S. Army Corps Badges
          Vallandigham Speech
          Valley of the Shadow
          Winthrop's "Model of Christian Charity"

Professional Organizations:
          AAUP, Auburn Chapter
          Alabama Association of Historians  

          Alabama Historical Association
          Appalachian Studies Association

          Auburn Civil War Society
          Organization of American Historians
          OAH Lectureship Program
          Society for Military History
          Society of Civil War Historians
          Southern Historical Association 


Personal Links (the usual disclaimers absolving Auburn apply):
          Amnesty International USA
          Auburn University Department of History

          Auburn Christian Faculty Forum
          Baptists and the American Civil War
          Battle of Perryville
          Battle of Perryville Virtual Tour
          "Black Confederates" and Perryville: A Disclaimer
          Civil War Memory
          Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

          Civil War Talk Radio: Reluctant Rebels episode
          Comics Curmudgeon 

          The Confederate Soldier's Prayer
          The Gettysburg Power Point

          George Tyler Moore Center for the Study of the Civil War
          David Gushee, "5 Reasons Why Torture is Always Wrong," Christianity Today
          History News Network
Los Angeles Dodgers: LA TimesTrue Blue LA
          Rantings of a Civil War Historian
          Virginia Center for Civil War Studies
          The 2004/07/08/10 ACC Football Champion
Virginia Tech Hokies:

Online Articles and Videos:

“Alabama’s Civil War Revisited,” video, Alabama Department of Archives and History, (2014)
          "Appalachia's Civil War Genesis" West Virginia History 50 (1991)

“The Civil War Centennial and the Sesquicentennial” video, Discover Auburn Lecture Series (2014)
          "Civil War Military History at the Sesquicentennial"  SMH Panel Address (2009)

Civil War Trust Interview, “The Battle of Perryville” (2012)
          "'Damned North Carolinians': The Lane-Mahone Feud" Journal of Military History 72 (2008)*
          "'The Conservative': Illinois Copperheads  Illinois Historical Journal 84 (1991)
          Interview with Nathan Buman, Civil War Book Review
          Interview with Michael Noirot, This Mighty Scourge
          "Jigsaw Puzzles, Mosaics, and Civil War Battle Narrative"  Civil War History 53 (2007)*

          New York Times “Disunion”: Gardnier’s Store,” “Rebel Whimper,” “Drought” (2012)
          "Remembering Perryville: History and Memory at a Battlefield"
PCA/ACA Paper (2002)
          "'Somebody Blundered': Woodcock, Bierce and Pickett's Mill "
Ambrose Bierce Project Journal 3 (2007)
          “Still Fighting the Civil War?” UNC Press Civil War 150 (2011)

“The War in Appalachia,” video, Chicago Civil War Round Table (2014)
          “What Matter of Men?” ‘Bell Wiley’ SHA Panel Address (2009)
          "Who Were the Bushwhackers?" 
Civil War History 49 (2003)
        "With Force and Spirit: the 173rd Field Artillery
" (2010)

“The Yellowhammer War, “ podcast (2014)


Books and Publishers:

The Civil War in Appalachia

Perryville: This Grand Havoc of Battle

Politics and Culture of the Civil War Era

Reluctant Rebels

A Southern Boy in Blue

Southwest Virginia’s Railroad

The Yellowhammer War


My Students’ Books:

Bruce Gourley, Diverging Loyalties

Jennifer Murray, On a Great Battlefield

Rodney Steward, David Schenck

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