Behavior Analysis

Division 25 of the American Psychological Association

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Saturday, 5 August, 2000
4:00 PM to 4:50 PM

1. CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Marr called the meeting to order at 4:04 p. m.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Dr. Gershenson moved that the Minutes of the 1999 Business Meeting be approved. Dr. Pilgrim seconded this motion, which was approved unanimously by the members in attendance.

3. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Marr noted that the name of the Division has been changed to the Division for Behavior Analysis. Secondly, the Specialty in Behavioral Psychology was approved by APA Council. Finally, the Division Dinner is scheduled for Sunday evening at 7:00 p. m.

4. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Dr. Marr noted the exemplary role which Dr. Madden has played as chair of the Membership Committee, more than doubling the number of our affiliate members. Dr. Madden also provided an analysis of the reasons for the gradual and longstanding decline in division membership. Dr. Marr noted that the Division has worked to establish a closer working relationship with ABA and we now have an indirect avenue to provide information about the activities of the division to the ABA membership, which may encourage increases in division membership. ABA likewise has an indirect avenue to our membership for providing information about ABA activities. Dr. Eckerman noted that the Executive Committee has agreed to contract to with Division Services at APA to maintain membership information for non-APA members.

5. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Dr. Fisher noted that we have 26 hours of program time and are sharing time with Divisions 28 and 33. All of our posters have been part of the Focus on Science Poster Session.

Dr. Fisher announced that the division dinner is scheduled at 7:00 p. m. on Sunday at Sequoia, located at 3000 K Street NW.

Dr. Marr noted that Dr. Pelaez will be the new program chair, assisted by Dr. Dube for the 2001 APA Convention. Dr. Marr commended Dr. Fisher and Dr. Pelaez on the fine program for this year.

6. COUNCIL OF REPRESENTATIVES: Dr. Eckerman summarized the actions of APA Council, which consists of 150 representatives, with roughly an even split between representatives of state associations and the other half representing specialty areas within APA. The specialty petition was prepared by Divisions 25 and 33, ABA, and AABT, with major contributions by Mike Cataldo, Sigrid Glenn, Gina Green and John Jacobson. CRSSP supported the petition. APA Council raised various concerns about the petition but CRSPP noted that there are policies that are in place and that this petition was exemplary in meeting the criteria for a specialty. Many sources of support gradually emerged with strong support from Division 39 (Psychoanalysis) and Division 3 (Experimental) and was ultimately approved with strong support by Council as a whole.

Dr. Eckerman also noted that there is now a report that strengthens the role of how to evaluate practice, which comes closer to evidence-based or empirically-validated procedures which we would support.. Dr. Eckerman noted APA is struggling somewhat financially with a specific problem regarding staff pay.

Dr. Eckerman noted that he will not be able to attend the February Council Meeting as he will be in Brazil and asked for volunteers to serve in his place.

7. FELLOWS COMMITTEE: Dr. Eckerman reported that four individuals who were previously recognized as Fellows by APA were approved as Division Fellows. These individuals are Dr. Charles Ksir, Dr. Lizette Peterson-Homer, Dr. Michael Zeiler and Dr. Thomas Zentall. No further action by APA Council is necessary with respect to these individuals. Dr. Eckerman noted that four individuals have been nominated for Fellow status by the division who were not previously APA Fellows. These individuals must be approved by a meeting of the Division Fellows in attendance immediately following the Business Meeting.

8. AWARDS COMMITTEE: Dr. Marr noted that the awards sessions represented some of the highlights of the convention thus far and that Dr. Friman and the Awards Committee have done an excellent job in helping to make this happen. Dr. Marr noted the help provided by SEAB in providing financial support for the Dissertation Awards and that the division was grateful for this assistance in helping to make the Dissertations Awards program successful.

However, there have been no nominees for the Dissertation Awards for next year. Dr. Marr suggested that Dr. Grace and Dr. Friman contact the Editorial Boards of JEAB and JABA to solicit additional nominations. Dr. Critchfield noted that applied dissertations are not eligible for the award and that it might be helpful to open the Dissertation Awards to applied dissertations. Dr. Marr noted that this would need to fit into limited convention time. Dr. Critchfield noted that we could alternate the awards, which would eliminate the program time issue. Dr. Pelaez moved that we alternate between basic and applied awards. Dr. Alferink offered a friendly amendment to permit awards to be given to both a basic and applied dissertation in any given year, which Dr. Pelaez accepted. Dr. Fisher seconded the motion.

MOTION: The Awards Committee be authorized to recognize both a basic and applied dissertation in any given year.

Motion was approved.

Dr. Gershenson asked whether this included a mechanism such that there must be both a basic and applied dissertation award presented each year. Dr. Critchfield noted that was not the case. Dr. Galizio asked whether we had just approved a new award. Dr. Marr noted that there would need to be some work by the Awards Committee to implement this action. Dr. McIlvane noted that establishing a dichotomy between basic and applied may not be useful. Dr. Gershenson agreed that it would be better to simply have a Dissertation Award in Behavior Analysis. Dr. Pilgrim argued that there are advantages to maintaining a distinction to ensure that there would be mechanisms to help ensure that basic work continue to be encouraged. Dr. Eckerman noted that since SEAB helps support these awards, perhaps we could have the JEAB and JABA Awards. Dr. Fisher noted that this is a Dissertation Award and it would be awkward to have someone receive the Dissertation Award and not have the disserta! ! tion research selected for publication in JEAB or JABA. The Awards Committee may need to do some work in making recommendations to the Executive Committee about how best to implement this motion. Dr. Marr also suggested that this is an issue that perhaps could be discussed further on the listserv.

9. DIVISION 25 RECORDER: Dr. Marr noted that Dr. Allan’s term as Editor of the Recorder is expiring and that we will be seeking a new editor. In conjunction with this selection, the Executive Committee has agreed that the Recorder should move to a web-based publication and that the new editor should be capable of assisting with this effort. Dr. Marr noted that only 131 members are subscribed to the division listserv, and as we move more to electronic means of communication, it becomes increasingly important for as many members as possible to subscribe to the listserv to increase communication among the membership.

Dr. Eckerman noted that anyone who needs help subscribing to the listserv should contact him or Chris Newland. Dr. Eckerman noted that the e-mail list maintained by APA is not current and that many e-mail addresses are no longer effective. Perhaps, our linkage with ABA could be helpful. Dr. Galizio suggested that we post a request on the ABA listserv for members to provide us with e-mail addresses to improve our own e-mail lists.

10: PSYCSCAN ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Dr. Eckerman noted that PsycSCAN is a benefit which is part of the benefits of membership in the division. It is not widely known that this past year, APA members who are Division 25 members have electronic access to PsycSCAN abstracts for the last three years. Next year, this will increase to the full APA PsychINFO database for a reduced fee of $99 per year, instead of the current price of $299. Dr. Eckerman noted that if any individuals would like to serve on the Advisory Board, they should contact Dr. Marr. Dr. Thyer will be leaving his position as chair. Dr. Allan will be replacing him.

11. NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS: Dr. Pilgrim noted that Dr. Galizio is the incoming President and Dr. Pelaez will have primary responsibility for the convention program next year. Dr. McIlvane will serve as president-Elect and Dr Thyer will serve as the new Member-At-Large. Dr. Pilgrim noted that the division nominated Dr. Ator for membership on the Board of Scientific Affairs and Dr. Eckerman for membership on the Committee on International Relations. Dr. Pilgrim encouraged any members who have an interest in serving on APA Boards or Committees to let the Executive Committee know as it is helpful to have a list of interested individuals when the call for nominations occurs.

Dr. Marr noted that Dr. Critchfield will be assuming the duties of Secretary as of January 1. Dr. Eckerman noted the excellent work of Dr. Pilgrim in helping to further the interests of the division in working to have our members elected to APA Boards and Committees

12. FINANCIAL REPORT AND BUDGETS: Dr. Alferink noted that as of December 30, 1999, the division had assets of $37,668.98. Income totaled $8,810.96 with expenses of $3,964.66. Income exceeded expenses by $4,846.30.

As of June 30, income for this year totaled $7,995.10 with expenses of $1,356.80. Assets totaled $40,780.37. Dr. Alferink noted that, although a number of expenses will follow the convention, the income for the year should exceed expenses. The Executive Committee approved a budget for next year projecting income of $8,505.00 and expenses of $8,505.00.

12: NEW BUSINESS: Dr. Eckerman encouraged the Division to assist in promoting the involvement of international members as participants in the division. Dr. Eckerman noted that the Committee on International Relations would likely assist in such efforts. Dr. Marr noted that he had encouraged Dr. Eckerman to link up with Michael Davidson, who is the ABA International Representative. Dr. Eckerman noted he would like to work more closely with ABA in accomplishing the goals of the division.

Dr. Marr noted that there are invitations for individuals to participate in the reception of the Science Directorate at the National Press Club beginning at 6:30 p. m.

ADJOURNMENT: The Business Meeting adjourned at 5:10 p. m.

Respectfully Submitted
Larry A. Alferink