Behavior Analysis

Division 25 of the American Psychological Association

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Minutes of the Business Meeting #
August 21, 1999

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Saturday, 21 August 1999
4:00 PM to 4:50 PM

Room 301
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA
Larry A. Alferink

1. CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Cataldo called the meeting to order at 4: 04 p.m.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Dr. Cataldo asked the membership to review the minutes of the 1998 Business Meeting. Dr. Eckerman moved that we approve these minutes. Dr. Glenn seconded this motion, which was approved unanimously.

3. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Cataldo noted that there is a reception co-sponsored by Division 25 and 33 and hosted by the New England Center for Children at the Marriott Hotel, Copley Place in Ballroom C & D at 6:15 p.m.

Dr. Cataldo noted that Dr. Murray Sidman is the recipient of the Dole award and is making an invited address concurrent with the division Business Meeting. Unless there are objections, he suggested that we attempt to move through the agenda as quickly as possible so that all in attendance could listen to Dr. Sidman make his presentation.

4. AGENDA: Dr. Cataldo asked the members present to review the agenda and asked if there were any items which should be added to the agenda.

5. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Dr. Cataldo recognized Dr. Madden as chair of the Membership Committee and commended him for his efforts in recruiting new members for the division. Dr. Madden asked for suggestions on how to enhance new member recruitment efforts.

6. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Dr. Cataldo recognized Dr. Green as chair of the Program Committee and commended her work in organizing an outstanding convention program.

7. COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE: Dr. Cataldo recognized Dr. Wasik, commended her for her work and noted that the work of the Council Representative in representing the interests of the division within APA is extremely important. Dr. Wasik reported that the work of Council at the convention has been relatively routine with no major issues of significance to the division under discussion, but noted that Council will likely to be asked vote on a Specialty in Behavioral Psychology next year.

8. FELLOWS COMMITTEE: Dr. Eckerman reported that two individuals who were previously recognized as Fellows by APA were approved as Division Fellows. These individuals are Dr. John Jacobson and Dr. David C. Riccio. No further action by APA Council is necessary with respect to these individuals. Dr. Eckerman noted that two individual have been nominated for Fellow status by the division, but that these individuals must first be approved by APA Council.

9. AWARDS COMMITTEE: Dr. Cataldo recognized Dr. Friman as chair of the Awards Committee, noted the high quality of the work presented in talks by those receiving awards and commended Dr. Friman for his efforts.

10. PsycSCAN ADVISORY BOARD: Dr. Cataldo noted the the PsycSCAN Advisory Board would be meeting at the convention.

11. FINANCIAL REPORT AND BUDGETS: Dr. Cataldo noted that the financial reports have been distributed, that the division operated in the black last year and expects to do so this year as well. He recognized Dr. Alferink and thanked him for his work on behalf of the Executive Committee.

12. NEW BUSINESS: Dr. Eckerman invited individuals in attendance to become involved in APA, that APA Boards and Committees generally welcome individuals who are willing to help out with their work, and that this also becomes an opportunity for division members to be subsequently named to APA Boards and Committees, enhancing the influence of the Division within APA.

13. ADJOURNMENT: Dr. Sigrid Glenn moved that we adjourn. This motion was unanimously approved by the membership. The meeting adjourned at 4:14 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Larry A. Alferink