Behavior Analysis

Division 25 of the American Psychological Association

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Minutes of the Business Meeting #
August 11, 1997

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Monday, 18 August 1997, 12:00 PM to 12:50 PM

Salon 2
Palmer House Hilton Hotel
Chicago, IL
Larry A. Alferink

1. CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Catania called the meeting to order at 12:01 p. m.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Dr. Catania distributed the minutes from the August 1995 Business Meeting for review. Dr. Eckerman moved that the minutes be approved. Dr. Gershenson seconded this motion, which passed unanimously.

3. ANNOUNCEMENTS: David Pyle has agreed to represent the interests of the Division as a liaison to the Practice Directorate. The Division 28 Hospitality Suite is in room 9128 and members of Division 25 are welcome to attend. Catania announced the the Executive Committee has agreed to seek a change in the Name of the Division to the Division for Behavior Analysis. The proposed name change requires a revision to our Bylaws and will be submitted to our members through a Bylaws ballot. Dr. Galizio suggested that we notify the Science Directorate that our continuing commitment to Science is not affected by the name change.

4. AGENDA: Dr. Catania distributed the agenda of the meeting and asked if there were any additions to this agenda.

5. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Dr. Hopkins indicated that a large proportion of APA members who have let their membership lapse are not members of any division. CODAPAR has proposed that divisions provide membership at a reduced cost for a one year period. They have also proposed that new APA members would also receive a division membership at a reduced cost for one year. The Executive Committee has agreed to a reduced membership fee for new APA members and for APA members who have let their membership lapse. Dr. Eckerman moved that we accept the Membership report. Dr. Gershenson seconded this motion, which passed unanimously.

6. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Dr. Galizio indicated that the Program again is largely made up of invited presentations, although the number of submissions was larger this year than in the past. Our program is stronger than the other science divisions, with the exception of Division 28, and attendance at our events is stronger as well. Dr. Galizio noted that Division 28 has a tradition of inviting new fellows to give addresses and reported that the Executive Committee agreed that it would be useful for use to do so as well..

Dr. Eckerman indicated that Dr. Ray Pitts at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington has agreed to replace him as Program Chair for the 1998 convention and Dr. Gina Green has agreed to serve as chair for the 1999 convention.

Dr. Galizio noted that the Division Dinner would be held at the Greek Islands Restaurant on Sunday, August 17 at 7 p.m.

Dr. Eckerman moved to accept the report on the Convention Program. Dr. Morris seconded this motion, which passed unanimously. The Members in attendance thank the current program chairs for arranging for an excellent program.

7. COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE: Dr. Wasik indicated that Psychological Abstracts are now on-line dating back to 1982. Council approved Health Psychology as a Specialty and consideration is being given to changing the way in which Council seats are allocated to divisions with 100 seats determined by the allocation process and 48 seats determined by new guidelines. The new allocation system, if it were in place at the present time, would result in the addition of one new Council seat to the Division. The actual allocation of seats will depend on how members allocate their votes to divisions. It is very important for Division members to allocate as many seats to the Division as possible since the Division will only gain this seat if enough ballots are cast by the membership for the Division in the annual allocation ballot. Dr. Catania suggested that an article in the Recorder would seem appropriate to encourage members to allocate their votes to the Division.

Dr. Wasik also indicated that APA dues will increase by $20. Council also approved the empirically-validated treatments template with special interest groups asked to indicate the most appropriate methodology to empirically validate treatment.

8. FELLOWS COMMITTEE: Dr. Cuvo presented a report on the 1997 fellows prepared by Dr. Shull. Two individuals, Lewis P. Lipsitt and Thomas R. Zentall, who are currently APA Fellows, were approved by the Executive Committee, and subject to the approval of the Fellows of the Division, will also become Fellows of Division 25. Two additional individuals, W. David Pierce and Richard F. Rakos, were approved for Fellows Status by the Membership Committee, and subject to approval by APA Council and a vote of the Fellows of the Division, will become Fellows of the the Division and of APA. Recommendations for new fellows have been obtained from the current fellows and will be reviewed for further consideration by the fellows of the Executive Committee. Steven I. Dworkin and Robert L. Koegel who were nominated for fellow status in 1996 and approved by both APA Council and the Division Fellows at the 1996 Business meeting assumed Fellow status as of January 1, 1997.

Dr. Eckerman moved to approve the report of the Fellows Committee. Dr. Gershenson seconded this motion, which passed unanimously.

9. AWARDS COMMITTEE: Dr. Catania noted that the Division would be receiving a bequest from the estate of Dr. Ellen Reese which would be used to support awards provided by the Division. Dr. Stolz has also established a deferred gift to support the Division’s awards program. He also noted the contributions which SEAB has made for this purpose.

10. NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS COMMITTEE: Dr. Gershenson reported that, due to an electronic error, the ballots did not get in on time. Ballots will go out on September 5 and are due on October 20. The nominees for President will be Dr. Michael Cataldo and Dr. David Wacker and for Member-at-Large will be Dr. Martha Pelaez-Nogueras and Dr. Carol Pilgrim.

Dr. Catania urged the membership to vote and to submit nominations. Dr. Eckerman moved to accept the report of the Nominations and Elections Committee. Dr. Morris seconded this motion, which was approved unanimously.

11. FINANCIAL REPORT AND BUDGETS: Dr. Alferink reported that the Division currently has $22,957.29 in assets. As of June 30, the Division has received income of $7,956.36 and as of August 15, has expenses of $5,263.82. At the present time, income exceeds expenses by $2,692.54.

Dr. Alferink also presented a proposed budget for this 1998. This budget projects $9,210 in income and $10,850 in expenses. Expenses are projected to exceed income by $1,640.
Dr. Cuvo moved to approve the Budget report. Dr. Hopkins seconded this motion, which was approved unanimously.

12. NEW BUSINESS: Dr. Eckerman sought advice to more actively serve our members. Dr. Mace suggested that we seek advice from other divisions and check with our members. We may wish to sponsor discussion oriented sessions such as the Past-Presidents session which Division 28 uses in their program. Discussion ensued about the single-track program and the role which it has in both limiting the ability of members of other divisions in attending our sessions and our ability to attend their sessions. This limits our ability to develop better linkages between divisions to advance the interests of our division and that of others.

Hineline pointed out that SEAB used to meet at APA. SEAB Board members would make presentations as part of the program, which served to attract attendees. Having SEAB at ABA is a bit much and it may be better for SEAB members to attend at APA.

13. CONCLUDING REMARKS: On behalf of the Division, Dr. Catania expressed his appreciation to Dr. Morris and Dr. Gershenson for their service to the Division as members of the Executive Committee. Dr. Eckerman thanked Dr. Catania for his efforts as President during the past year

14. ADJOURNMENT: Dr. Galizio moved to adjourn and the motion was seconded by Dr. Hineline. The meeting adjourned at 12:52 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Larry A.Alferink