Behavior Analysis

Division 25 of the American Psychological Association

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Minutes of the Business Meeting #
August 11, 1996

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Sunday, 11 August 1996, 5:00 PM to 5:50 PM

Room 202A
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto, Ontario

Larry A. Alferink

I. CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Morris called the meeting to order at 5:14 p. m.

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Dr. Morris distributed the minutes from the August 1995 Business Meeting for review. Dr. Cuvo moved that the minutes be approved. Dr. Fox seconded this motion, which passed unanimously.

IV. AGENDA: Dr. Morris distributed the agenda of the meeting and asked if there were any additions to this agenda.


A. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: An analysis of our membership over time indicates that we have lost 201 members since 1991. Members are lost primarily through division resignations, not though resignations from APA. The Executive Committee has decided to develop a questionnaire to mail out to those who have resigned from the Division. The primary decline in membership followed the dues increase from $10 to $22 in 1995 with the addition of PsycSCAN. However, there are a number of individuals who subscribe to PsycSCAN without being members of the Division. We will attempt to recruit members through APA membership recruitment programs, with a particular focus on non-members who subscribe to PsycSCAN. The Division also has produced a recruitment poster which was first displayed at ABA and will be also used at other events, including at APA’s celebration of the golden anniversary of the first APA Division.The Executive Committee has agreed to investigate the possibility of developing a web site.

In the past, we have attempted to recruit members at ABA. However, there are potential problems in including Division recruitment materials in ABA packets, as ABA has indicated that there will be a charge for Division materials included in ABA packets in the future. There will be efforts to resolve this over the next year.

Dr. Hineline moved that we accept the Membership report. Dr. Marr seconded this motion which passed unanimously.

B. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Dr. Watkins reported that the Division worked cooperatively with other division to develop joint programs to maximize program hours. This process was made more difficult due to the cancellation of the Chairs Meeting due to the Snow Storm in Washington, D. C. Dinner will be on Monday at 7:00 p. m. at the Sequoia Grove Restaurant. Dr. Gershenson mentioned that not everyone was aware of when the dinner was scheduled in time to make travel arrangements and that it may be useful to set the date for the Division Dinner well in advance of completing final arrangements for the Dinner. Dr. Galizio agreed to pursue this for next year’s convention.

Next year, the Program Chairs will be Dr. Galizio and Dr. Eckerman. The APA convention will be in Chicago.

Dr. Hineline moved to accept the report on the Convention Program. Dr. Shull seconded this motion, which passed unanimously.

C. COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE: Dr. Wasik, our Council Representative, was unable to attend the APA Council meeting which occurred this morning and Dr. Alferink attended in her place. The issue of the curriculum for prescription privileges curriculum was approved. While the issue of prescription privileges is a controversial one which many members of the division oppose, it is very likely that some states will approved prescription privileges in spite of our opposition. Thus, strategically the issue becomes one of ensuring that those who receive prescription privileges have appropriate training and that there is also an appropriate assessment of competence after this training. After consultation with the representative from Division 28, the Division supported this motion.

D. FELLOWS COMMITTEE: Dr. Shull reported that the Fellows Committee had recommended two members for fellows status. Both nominations were approved by the APA membership committee and were approved by APA Council this morning. The two new fellows are Dr. Steven Dworkin and Dr. Robert Koegel.

Dr. Hineline moved to approve the report of the Fellows Committee. Dr. Foxx seconded this motion, which passed unanimously.

E. AWARDS COMMITTEE: Dr. Morris, reporting on behalf of Dr. Mace, indicated that the recipients 1997 awards have been selected. Dr. Brian A. Iwata was selected for the Don Hake Basic/Applied Research Award. The recipient of the Fred S. Keller Behavioral Education Award was Dr. Beth Sulzer-Azaroff. Dr. Richard G. Smith was selected for the B. F. Skinner New Researcher Award and Dr. Lewis A. Bizo and Dr. Randolph C. Grace were w]selected as joint recipients for the award recognizing the Outstanding Dissertation on Basic Learning Processes. Dr. Hineline noted that Executive Committee has asked the Awards Committee to provide division recognition for individuals who may be competitive for APA awards.

Dr. Morris thanked SEAB for the $250 contribution to support the Division’s awards.

Dr. Hackenberg reported that the first issue under his editorship was mailed in mid-July. He anticipates that the next issue will be mailed in late November and would appreciate any submissions for the next issue with a submission deadline of October 1.

Dr. Hineline moved to accept the report of the Division 25 Recorder. Dr. Gershenson seconded this motion which passed unanimously.

G. PsycSCAN ADVISORY BOARD: Dr. Morris, reporting on behalf of Dr. Thyer, indicated that the editorial board had completed a review of the criteria for selecting a journal as a core journal. As a result of this review, five journals have been dropped as “core” journals and three journals were added. Behavior Analytic abstracts from journals dropped from the “core” journals list will continue to be printed. Abstracts which are identified by APA for inclusion are reviewed by two editors, with a better than 90% rate of agreement on inclusion. The headings in the table of contents will be reorganized to reflect the settings in which the research is carried out.

Dr. Cuvo moved to accept the PsycSCAN report. Dr. Shull seconded this motion, which passed unanimously.

H. NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS COMMITTEE: Dr. Gershenson presented the report of the Nominations and Elections Committee. Dr. David Eckerman was elected as the new President-Elect and Dr. Bill Hopkins was elected as the new Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee. Dr. Claire Poulson was elected as the Division’s Council Representative but declined her election. Dr. Barbara Wasik, who received the next highest number of votes, has agreed to continue in this role. There will be an announcement in the Recorder to increase the number of nominations.

Dr. Hineline moved to approve the report of the Nominations and Elections Committee and Dr. Shull seconded this motion. The motion was approved unanimously by the members present.

I. FINANCIAL REPORT AND BUDGETS: Dr. Alferink distributed our proposed budget for 1996 and distributed a report on the financial condition of the Division. Our Division Tax Return for 1996 was submitted and approved by Arthur Anderson. Our income as of August 10 was $8,540.07 with an anticipated total income of $9,730. Our expenses as of August 10 were $4,523.14 with our total expenses anticipated to be $10,375. The Executive Committee decided to maintain dues at current levels, even though we have been operating at a deficit for the last several years. In order to generate more income, we have taken a more aggressive approach to investing our endowment funds through a laddered investment program which maintains our flexibility to respond to new opportunities while locking in higher interest rates for the present.

Dr. Hineline moved to approve the Budget report. Dr. Watkins seconded this motion, which was approved unanimously.

INVOLVEMENT IN APA COMMITTEE AND TASK&nbs p;ANALYSIS OF PAST-PRESIDENT: Dr. Hineline reported that the committee will be working to increase our leverage with APA as a whole by getting Division members on APA Boards & Committees, identifying vacancies, identifying individuals for slates, identifying allies for other divisions, establish monitors for an going committees to develop name recognition and familiarity with the work of the committee in preparation of preparing a nomination.

TASK ANALYSIS: Dr. Morris reported that Task Analysis are being developed or updated to increase our effectiveness when new Executive Committee Members and Committee Chairs begin their work on behalf of the Division.

LISTSERVER and WORLD WIDE WEB: Dr. Morris indicated that, while there are other Listservers dedicated to the discussion of issues in Behavior Analysis, it would be useful to have a listserv specifically for Division 25 in order to maintain rapid contact and gain feedback from our membership. It also would be useful to have a site on the World Wide Web. There will be a call for individuals to serve in developing and maintaining these resources in the Recorder.

STUDENT INVOLVEMENT: Dr. Morris indicated that we need to develop methods to increase the activity and the membership in the Division since our students are our future as a division

DIVISION ARCHIVES: Dr. Todd has been selected as the Archivist for the Division and has begun assembling materials. He has also prepared a history of the division a which will be serialized over the next several issues of the Recorder.

Dr. Cuvo noted that he had reviewed a book on Pioneers in Psychology in the APA Book Exhibit and that Skinner was not included. He suggested that the Division should check into this.

CONCLUDING REMARKS: On behalf of the Division, Dr. Morris expressed his appreciation to Dr. Watkins for her work as on the Program Committee, Dr. Cuvo for his service on the Membership Committee, and to Dr. Shull and Dr. Hineline who are completing their terms as members of the Executive Committee in January. He also thanked Dr. Hackenberg for his work in the release of the Summer issue of the Recorder in a manner timed to coincide with convention travel and Dr. Alferink for his assistance in assembling the agendas for the Division Meetings.

6. ADJOURNMENT: Dr. Hineline moved to adjourn and the motion was seconded by Dr. Gershenson. The meeting adjourned at 5:53 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Larry A.Alferink