Call for Participation in Preschool Parent Study


Preschool reading experiences play a tremendous role in preparing children for school, especially reading experiences in the home.  As a parent, you make a major contribution to your child’s literacy development through reading aloud.  This study is an opportunity for you to enhance your child’s literacy experiences by learning how to provide informal instruction in pre-literacy skills during storybook reading.

Benefits of the study:

Ø  You will learn how to engage your child’s attention to print through story conversation.

Ø  You will receive free training and instructional materials.

Ø  Materials are appropriate in length and content for young preschool children.

Ø  Your participation is based on your time frame, not mine.

Ø  Your child will be taught valuable, research-based pre-literacy skills, highlighted by the National Reading Panel and the Early Childhood Literacy subcommittee for the National Institute for Literacy 

What I will ask of you:

Ø  Simply read to your child twice a week from the materials provided (about 15 minutes each day over a period of 4 weeks).

Ø  Watch the DVD for instructions before reading, and to view a model of how to derive the most benefits during your reading time.

Ø  Briefly review key concepts with your child on non-reading days (10-15 min)

Ø  I will collect demographic information about you, and will need to assess your child’s prior knowledge before the study, followed by assessments on your child’s learning after the study (30 minute sessions at a location of your choice). 

For questions about the study contact Geri Murray: Cell #334-275-1003 or e-mail me at