Jump Into Reading


Growing Independence and Fluency

By Towns Carlson

Rationale: It is very important for children to learn how to read through decoding, it is a tough process for children. Decoding slows children down in reading and takes away from reading comprehension. Improving fluency can enhance the reading experience. In order to improve fluency, students need to engage in repeated reading. It will allow students to go from slowly decoding a text to reading it effortlessly. Repeated readings will also build sight words and encourage motivation in reading.


·         Stopwatches for each pair of students

·         Pencil for each student

·         Frog and Toad Together

·         Reader Progress Report

·         Fluency Checklist


Reader:                                                   Checker:


Total number of words in the chapter ________________

1. ____________________ words in _____________ seconds

2. ____________________ words in _____________ seconds

3. ____________________ words in _____________ seconds

Which reading was the most successful?

Which reading was the least successful?


Reader Response Discussion Questions

Directions: After you have discussed the story with your partner, answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper.

1. What kinds of things do Frog and Toady do together?

2.  Where does this story take place?

3.  How does Frog help Toad when Today gets sad about not getting mail?

4. Tell me about a time when a friend helped you when you were sad.




1.      Say to the students “I want us to all be able to jump into reading. In order to jump into reading and enjoy it, we must become strong and fluent readers. Who knows what it means to be a fluent reader? It means to read smoother and faster.  When you become a fluent reader, you will be able to understand text more easily and more automatically. How can we get better at reading? We get better at reading by practicing reading the same text more than once. That’s called repeated reading.”

2.      I will write “I want to jump into reading” on the board. I will say, “I am going to show you how I can become a fluent reader when I read this sentence. First  I will demonstrate a non fluent reader: I want to j-u-m-p into r-e-a-d-i-n-g. There are two words that I don’t know so I am going to decode them and try again: I want to /j/ /u/ /m/ /p/ into /r/ /e/ /a/ or /r//ea/ /d/ /ing/. Now I know the words and can smooth it out: I want to jump into reading. It took three tries but now I can read it fast and smoothly. Did you like hearing me read on the first, second, or third time through? (Third time because I knew all of the words.

3.      Did you notice how I used crosschecking while I was reading? When I came to a word I didn’t’ know, I tried to pronounce it and it didn’t sound like a word I’ve ever heard before. I tried it again and got it right.

4.      Now we are going to all read Frog and Toad together. Instead of reading out loud, we are going to read this story silently to ourselves three times all the way through.

5.      BOOK TALK: Frog and Toad together is a wonderful book about a frog and a toad who become fast friends. They do everything together. They play together, swim together, tell and listen to stories, laugh and enjoy each other. One day Toad gets sad because he never gets any mail, but Frog knows just what to do. Let’s read this story to help find out how Frog helps Toad.

6.      When you read this book, there will be words that are not familiar to you. That is so ok. When you come across words you do not know, I want you to slow down and read as best as you can and here’s how we are going to read:

a.       You are going to sit knee-to-knee or elbow-to-elbow with your reading partner. And get two Reading Progress Report off of my desk on your way to find your reading spot. Once you sit down, count all of the words in chapter one of Frog and Toad Together and write your answer at the top of the page.

b.      Take turns reading the chapter to each other. If you are listening to your partner I want you to time their reading with a stopwatch. You will do this 3 times.

c.       Make sure you are watching the text and making a dot at the top of your paper for each mistake made by your partner. Once your partner has finished reading, count the number of dots at the top of your page and subtract that number from the total number of words in the chapter.

d.      Put your answer on the line that says Words in __________ seconds

e.       Next I want you to answer the reader response questions then discuss your answer with your partner.

f.        When you have finished your answers and progress reports, place them on my desk.

7.      I will look at your progress report and decide your three rates and you will be able to place your frog on our fluency poster in the room.


      Students will be graded on how they complete the progress report and discussion questions.

Followed directions

1 pt.

Read chapter and recorded partner 3x

3 pt.

Discussed story with partner

1 pt.

Answered all discussion questions

4 pt.




Students will also be given a reading rate.




































        Reading is Breeze by Geri Murray


        Ready, Set, Let's Read!!! by Lauren Barrowclough


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