Marine Microbes

Why study marine microbes?   The oceans cover approximately 139 million square miles - roughly 71% of the earth's surface.  Marine Microbiology plays a very important role in generating new knowledge regarding the composition, function, and ecological role of microbial communities in providing the basis of the ocean's food webs and in facilitating the flow of nitrogen, carbon, and energy in the ocean.  TALK ABOUT RELATIVE ABUNDANCE OF VIRUSES, BACTERIA, AND PROTISTS.
-some materials obtained from the Moore Foundation-

What sorts of organisms

What is the most common genome in the ocean?

Dr. Ed Delong

Dr. Eric Wommack

Thermal Biology Institute

Dr. Colleen Cavenaugh

Dr. John Hobbie

Dr. John Waterbury

Dr. Norman Pace


Why are they important? 

Microbial cycling?

CO2, global warming and microbes

Global carbon sinks

NSF Microbial Observatories  

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