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Teaching Inquiry -- Overview

This section includes support materials for the methods chapters in Composing Inquiry as well as suggestions for working with the introductory chapters. The different activities also illustrate the kinds of work that might be done in class with these methods. Follow the links to jump to particular activities.

Working with the Introductory Chapters:

  •     introductory writing assignment based on the first chapter: use as a first assignment to get a sense of students' writing and set the expectations for the term

We typically assign the second chapter in sections, or at least return to it throughout the semester.


see also: observation paper post-write, in Teaching Writing -- Teaching Self-Reflection using Authorial Notes


  •     modeling focus groups: a collaborative teaching journal with two teachers describing and discussing their work with in-class modeling of focus groups

see also: examples of Pacing the Work both in the whole-term syllabus and an exploded schedule of work for a unit based on a focus group assignment

Working with Numbers:

    see also: student generated rubric for evaluating the survey assignment and a guided peer critique of a trends analysis assignment included in Teaching Writing -- Comments and Evaluation; additional data from Michael Frisch that updates his survey and a graph for Practice 5.2: Data Analysis included in Additional Resources; examples of Pacing the Work in the whole-term syllabus and in the exploded syllabi showing a unit of work based on a survey assignment and a unit on trends analysis.

Working with Texts:

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