Indirect commands

  1. You would normally use an indirect command when you 'desire' that someone do something, but you don't want to 'command' them to do it:
    Imperative: Get me the paper!
    Indirect command: I want you to get me the paper!

  2. You would also use an indirect command in reported speech:
    Quoted: Father said to Maksim: "Get me the paper!"
    Reported: Father said to Maksim, that he should get him the paper.

  3. Indirect commands in Russian are formed with the conjunction чтобы placed at the beginning of the subordinate clause, and the verb indicating what is 'desired' in the past tense:
    Я хочу, чтобы ты приготовил ужин сегодня.
    I want you to prepare dinner today.
    Сергей хотел, чтобы сын дал ему газету.
    Sergei wanted his son to give him the paper.