1. Adverbs are used to describe, or modify verbs, other adverbs, and adjectives. They answer the questions when?, where?, how?, how much?
  2. Many adverbs in Russian are formed from adjectives by adding the ending -o to the stem:
  3. In English very often the adverb and the adjective look alike:
    adjectiveThis is a fast car.
    adverbThis car is fast.
  4. When translating into Russian, you should always look at the word that is being modified to figure out if you need an adjective or an adverb.

Non-adjectival adverbs

  1. Russian also has adverbs that are not formed from adjectives.
  2. Adverbs of place answer the question где?: здесь, там, дома
  3. Adverbs of direction answer the questions куда? and откуда?: сюда, туда, отсюда, оттуда, домой
  4. Adverbs of time answer the question когда?: сейчас, теперь, завтра, вчера, позавчера, послезавтра, сегодня, иногда.
  5. Adverbs of manner answer the question как?: трудно, легко. The majority of these are formed from adjectives.
  6. Adverbs of quantity answer the question сколько?: мало, много, несколько, немного.

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