Начало 1, Lessоn 6, Part 4, Workbook ДД. (0625)

Directions: Click on a number to hear a sentence. What would be the most appropriate translation?
I am sure that you like the music.
I am supposed to show you the music.
I'm glad that you like the music.
He's sure that Misha will be there this evening..
He has to go with Misha this evening.
He's glad that Misha will be there this evening.
Nina and Lyonya look alike.
Nina is glad that Lyonya has to go.
Unfortunately Nina and Lyonya have to leave.
Does your sister have to go?
Does your sister look like you?
Are you sure that's your sister?
Lyuda needs a ride to the airport.
Lyuda has to work at the airport.
Lyuda doesn't have to go to the airport.
We're glad that you like our city.
We're sure that you will like our city.
We should show you the sights of our city.
Do you think that our neighbors look French?
Are you sure that our neighbors understand French?
Are you glad to be able to speak French to our neighbors?

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