#0215. Начало 1, Lesson 8. Dialogue templates.

Prepare each dialogue according to the template.

Dialogue 2.1

A. - Name, are you going to the place?
B. - No, I'm going to the place. So?
A. - I need object very much.
B. - Name is going to the place. Ask him/her to buy you object.

Dialogues 2.2
A. - I'm in this bookstore/library for the first time. What do you recommend that I read/buy?
B. - What are you interested in?
A. - I'm interested in subject(s).
B. - You have to read/buy title.

Dialogue 2.3
A. - Hi Name! I'm so glad to see you.
B. - Name! What a pleasant surprise! What's new with you?
A. - You know, I did something.
B. - Really! What/where/how/when, etc?
A. - Answer.
B. - Congratulations! I'm happy for you.

Dialogue 3.1
A. - Tell me, do you have object?
B. - Object? We do.
A. - How much does it cost?
B. - We have object for amount, and for amount.
A. - Please show me the one for amount.

Dialogue 3.2
A. - Please show me the object.
B. - This one?
A. - No, that one.
B. - Here it is.
A. - And how much does it cost?
B. - I'll tell you in a minute. Amount.
A. - I'll take it. where is the cashier?
B. - The cashier is over there.

Dialogue 4.1
A. - Excuse me. Can you tell me where place is?
B. - Place? See the place there? The place is beside it.
A. - Thank you.
B. - You're welcome.
Dialogue 4.2
A. - Can you tell me when the bus stop name is?
B. - It's the ordinal stop. I'm also getting of there.
A. - Tell me, is it far from the bus stop to the place?
B. - No, it's beside it. I'll show you where to go.

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