Начало 1, Lesson 4. Dialogue templates. (0115)

Directions: Prepare a dialogue according to each template. Practice saying the dialogues without looking at a Russian text. Be prepared to perform the dialogues with a partner.
Dialogue 1

A. I have a terrible problem.
B. So do I. What kind of a problem do you have?
A. I .... . And you?
B. I .... .
A. That's terrible.

Dialogue 2
A. How do you say .... in Russian?
B. ......
A. Thanks.
B. You're welcome.

Dialogue 3
A. Do you have a ....?
B. Yes, and it is ..... . OR: No, I don't have a .... And you?
A. Yes/No

Dialogue 5
A. Do you happen to know where my .... is?
B. Your ... ? I don't know. Perhaps it's in/on the .... .

Dialogue 5
A. What do you like to do?
B. ....
A. Me, too. Do you like to ...?
B. Yes, I do. No, I don't.

Dialogue 6
A. May one ... here?
B. No, you are not allowed to.
A. And over there?
B. There you may.

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