Russian Art

Lentulov, A. V. Alexandre Yakovlevich Tairov, Portrait. 1919

Portrait of Alexandre Yakovlevich Tairov (1885-1950), theater director. The rhythmical treatment of the architectural elements in Aristarkh Lentulov's "Portrait of Alexandre Yakovlevich Tairov" (1919) reflects the painter's fascination with architectural forms and pays tribute to the rhythmical unity favored by Tairov (1885-1950), the subject of the portrait. Director of the celebrated Chamber Theater, Tairov sought to build an "emancipated theater" which would harmoniously integrate the disparate elements of theatrical presentation -- staging, costume, set design, and acting. Tairov worked closely with the stage designer and artist Alexandra Exter (see ImageBase) to create an overall design which would reinforce the underlying themes of the production. (00506)
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