Russian Art

Ugryumov, G. I. Trying Yan Usmar for Strength. 1796 (7?)

Trying Yan Usmar for Strength Although Grigory Ugryumov's large historical canvases show the popular Classicizing style of the times, his expressive, flowing manner is unique. Because there was little factual information to guide -- or restrict -- them, period history painters often relied on their imaginations to compose their pictures. In "Trying Yan Usmar for Strength" (1796), the artist has depicted the legendary folk hero, Nikita Kozhemiaka, as he stops a bull charging at full speed before the eyes of Prince Vladimir. However, Ugryumov probably invented this scene in his mind, because there is no evidence that it occurred. The costumes and setting are certainly not historically accurate. (00370)
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