Russian Art

Kiprensky, O. A. Ekaterina Sergeevna Avdulina. 1822 (3?)

Portrait of Ekaterina Sergeevna Avdulina (1788-1832), born Yakovleva, wife of Major General A.N. Avdulin Kiprensky painted "Portrait of Ekaterina Sergeevna Avdulina" (1822-1823) while he resided in Italy. The portrait reflects the Romantic mood of the times as well as the influence of certain Italian masters such as Raphael and Leonardo. In fact, this particular portrait has been likened to Leonardo's "Gioconda" (the "Mona Lisa") of 1503. The portrait's muted color scheme suggests a woman of substantial depth with a melancholy soul. "Portrait of E.S. Avdulina" might even be said to represent the typical Romantic woman; torn between her worldly duties and her inner dreams, she realizes that she is fading like the flowers on the sill beside her. (00245)
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