Russian Art

Kiprensky, O. A. Yevgraf Vladimirovich Davidov. 1809

Portrait of Colonel Yevgraf Vladimirovich Davidov (1775-1823), of the Transfiguration Life-Guards Regiment Like the painting of Alexei Romanovich Tomilov [see previous image], but executed with more complex coloring and composition, this military portrait also recalls the painting of Pierre-Paul Prud'hon (French 1758-1823). Kiprensky successfully conveys a sense of relaxed confidence in his sitter. Renouncing the arrogance typical of certain English military depictions or the stiffness of too many French uniformed sitters, Kiprensky has opted for the sort of presentation associated with the best French Romantic painters -- one which emphasizes rich color, light, and a compelling demeanor. The precise identity of the subject of this painting has been the topic of much debate. Originally thought to be Denis Davidov, poet and hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, Kiprensky's notes suggest that the portrait is actually of Denis Davidov's cousin, Yevgraf Davidov. (00243)
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