Голоса 1, Урок 1 (1-05)

Давайте почитаем
  1. Read and do Exercise 1-30 on page 36 of the Textbook.
  2. Read and do Exercise 1-31 on page 37 of the Textbook.
  3. Read and listen to the pronunciation of the words in the vocabulary on pp. 40-41 of the Textbook. Review vocabulary with the online Russian-English vocabulary exercise.
  4. Do online dictation Exercise 0661
  5. Do online Exercise 0662. How would you say it in Russian?
  6. Do the Russian vocabulary crossword puzzle.
Разговоры для слушания
Listen to the dialogues and answer the questions on page 22 of the Textbook as best as you can. Read the instructions carefully.