Голоса 1, The Russian Alphabet, Part 3

  1. Listen and repeat the names of famous Russians on page 8 of the Textbook.
  2. Listen and repeat the names of the letters and phrases on pp. 8-9 of the Textbook.
  3. Do the listening exercises on pp. 2-3 of the Student Activities Manual (SAM). First read the words to yourself out loud, then follow the instructions for each exercise.
    Exercise A-04:
    Exercise A-05:
    Exercise A-06:
    Exercise A-07:
    Exercise A-08:
  4. View animation of how Russian cursive letters are written. Find the letters covered in this lesson and practice writing them in cursive. In this course you will be required to write all of your assignments either on a cumputer or by hand in cursive.
  5. Practice saying and memorize the names of the Russian letters covered thus far.

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