Living Mummy: Study Guide

  1. How does the narrator end up meeting Loukeria?
  2. Note some of the unique features of the place where she is lying.
  3. Note some of hte unique features of Loukeria's face.
  4. How did Loukeria end up in her situation?
  5. Why is the narrator amazed at the way Loukeria tells what happened to her?
  6. What is Loukeria's attitude toward her fiancee after he left her?
  7. How long has she been lying there?
  8. How does she keep from going insane from boredom?
  9. Note how well she gets along with the nature around her.
  10. What's her attitude toward God and praying?
  11. The narrator offers to take her to a hospital. Why does she refuse?
  12. Describe her dream when she meets Death. Why is she happy? Why is she sad.
  13. How old is Loukeria?
  14. What do you make of the last two sentences.