Lefty: Study Guide

  1. Why did the tsar decide to travel through Europe?
  2. What's Platov's background?
  3. What do the Englishmen show the tsar?
  4. What was Platov's reaction?
  5. Why was Platov not impressed with the pistol?
  6. What's so unique bout the flea?
  7. What is the difference of opinion between the tsar and Platov about the Englishmen?
  8. What are some great charactersitics that the men of Tula possess?
  9. How dod the Tila craftsmen imrove on the flea?
  10. Why is Lefty's name not on it?
  11. What is it that the flea now can't do, and why?
  12. What ar some of the things that do not impress Lefty about the England?
  13. What offers do the Englishmen make?
  14. What does Lefty not like about their girls?
  15. What did Lefty like about the factories and the people working there?
  16. Describe what happens to Lefty as soon as he comes back to Russian.
  17. What advice does Lefty have for the tsar before he dies?