FLRU 2510 Russian Culture

Land of the Firebird: Study Guide

Chapter 25
  1. What was ballet like in Europe at the turn of the century?
  2. What did Diaghilev do for ballet?
  3. How was Diaghilev's Ballets Russes received in France? Give examples.
  4. Nijinsky
  5. Pavlova
  6. Fokine
  7. Bakst
  8. Benois
  9. Roerich: Stage design for "Prince Igor".
  10. Stravinsky
  11. What was innovative about his music?
  12. What is the ballet "Petrushka" about? See stage: Petrushka 1; Petrushka 2; Petrushka 3
  13. How was his ballet "Rites of Spring" received?