FLRU 2510 Russian Culture

Land of the Firebird: Study Guide

Chapter 23
  1. What did Glinka and Pushkin have in common? Which of Pushkin's works did Glinka adopt for the opera?
  2. Why is Glinka's opera "A Life for the Tsar" significant in Russian culture?
  3. How did Glinka's life style fit the style of a Romantic artist?
  4. What was training like at the St. Petersburg Imperial Ballet School?
  5. How was ballet perceived differently in Russia from the way it was perceived in the West?
  6. What is Petipa's role in developing Russian ballet?
  7. How did Petipa and Tchaikovsky collaborate?
  8. How was "Sleeping Beauty" received by the public at first? Why?
  9. What is "Russian" about "Swan Lake"?
  10. How did Russians improve on ballet?
  11. Anna Pavlova
  12. Nijinsky