FLRU 2510 Russian Culture

Land of the Firebird: Study Guide

Chapter 8
  1. Why do you think Peter hated the Kremlin?
  2. What was Peter's childhood like?
  3. How did Peter learn about Western traditions and innovations before he went to Europe?
  4. Who were Patrick Gordon, Francis Lefort and Prince Menshikov?
  5. What were some of the trades Peter learned in Europe?
  6. What was Peter's reaction when he saw all the novelties in Europe?
  7. What kind of people did Peter ask to come to Russia?
  8. How did Russians react to Peter's westernization?
  9. How did Peter change Russia after his trip to the west? What kind of things did he introduce?
  10. The building of St. Petersburg.
    1. Why did Peter want to build the city?
    2. Why did he build it on that particular spot?
    3. How was it different from other Russian cities?
    4. What were some of the problems in building the city?
    5. What was the reaction of the Russians to the new city?
  11. What is the architectural significance of the Peter and Paul Fortress?
  12. What was Peter's taste in architectural design and indoor furnishings?
  13. Trezzini
  14. What kind of relationship did Peter have with his son Alexis?
  15. What are some similarities in personality and manner of ruling Russia among Vladimir, Ivan the Terrible and Peter?
Chapter 17
  1. Significance of the Neva in the daily life of St. Petersburg.
  2. How is St. Petersburg different architecturally from Moscow?
  3. dvornik
  4. Describe the "international" character of St. Petersburg in the 18th and 19th century.
  5. Describe Nevsky Avenue.
  6. What kind of exotic things could be found in the shops on Nevsky Avenue?
  7. Russian coachmen
  8. Describe Russian "drozhki".
  9. What is a "troika"?
  10. What were market places like in St. Petersburg?
  11. Compare feasts and balls in St. Petersburg to those in Moscow in earlier periods.
  12. What were Western attitudes toward Russians at the time of Peter and Later? Compare to earlier Moscow times.