FLRU 2510 Russian Culture

Land of the Firebird: Study Guide

Chapter 4
  1. What role did the Orthodox church play during the Mongol period?
  2. How did the Mongols govern Russia?
  3. Holy Trinity Monastery
  4. Dmitry Donskoy
  5. Moscow, "The Third Rome"
  6. What changes in the Moscow Kremlin were made under Ivan III?
  7. What role did Zoe play in Russian culture?
  8. What is the Church of the Assumption? Church of the Annunciation?
Chapter 5
  1. How did the tsars select their brides?
  2. terem
  3. What was life like for women in the Kremlin?
  4. On what bases was Moscow divided into quarters?
  5. What was the role of the church in daily Muscovite life?
Chapter 6
  1. Who was Richard Chancellor?
  2. What may have been the cause of Ivan the Terrible's cruelty later in his life?
  3. What was Ivan the Terrible's attitude toward the arts (music, writing, etc.)?
  4. What are some of the contradictions about his character?
  5. St. Basil's Cathedral. Who were the architects? Why was it built?
  6. What were banquets like in the time of Ivan the Terrible?
  7. Who are the "Oprichniki"?
Chapter 7
  1. How did Boris Godunov come to power?
  2. What were the origins of serfdom in Russia?
  3. What was "The Time of Troubles"?
  4. Who were Minin and Pozharsky?
  5. Michael Romanov
  6. What was happening in the arts in the 1600's?
  7. Nikon?
  8. Old Believers
  9. German Suburb