FLRU 2520 Russia Today

Local and Regional Government: Study Guide

Read the article Local and Regional Government.
  1. How many subnational jurisdictions are there in the Russian Federation?
  2. What are some of the powers allocated to the regional jurisdictions (republics, territories, oblasts, autonomous oblast, autonomous regions, and cities of federal designation)?
  3. Power sharing between the central government and the regional jurisdictions is based on treaties signed between them. This means the central government does not have the same authority in all of the regional jurisdictions. What do you think of this type of system? How is the relationship between the states and the federal government in the US established?
  4. How does the president excercise his power in the regions?
  5. What is the structure of the local governments in the republics and in the regions?
  6. What are some of the obsticles that prevent some of the regions from gaining full independence from Russia?
  7. Where is the calling for ethnic separatism most vociferous? Why there?