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Pervasive Corruption in Russia Is 'Just Called Business'

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  1. According tothe survey mentioned in the article, how does the amount of bribes that Rusians pay compare to the amount that the government collects in revenues?
  2. How does Russia Russia among other corrupt nations?
  3. How are Putin's policies to be blamed for the level of corruptionin Russia?
  4. According to a survey by the World Bank, what percentage of businesses have to pay bribes in order to do business?
  5. According to the article, paying "a little something" is not even considered bribery anymore. Rather, bribes are seen more as a fee for resolving seemingly intractable problems or overcoming bureaucratic delays, one that supplements the meager incomes of otherwise honest civil servants.
  6. According to some Russians, in what way are Russian laws like the Bible?
  7. What kind of corruption exists in the educational system?
  8. What't the going rate for getting out of serving in the military?
  9. How is Putin's government trying to deal with corruption?