FLRU 2520 Russia Today

Mediated Marriage: Internet Matchmaking in Provincial Russia: Study Guide

  1. What is the procedure for women who want to place an advertisement on the Virginia web site?
  2. How can male customers get scammed?
  3. What expectations do American men have of Russian women?
  4. What expectations do Russian women have of American men?
  5. What are some of the stereotype of ‘Russian’ women advertized in web sites?
  6. What are the charactersistics and background of women who have the greatest chances of finding a Western husband through a marraige agency?
  7. How do russian women describe their ideal husband?
  8. What are some of the more important things that motivate Russian women to look for a husband abroad? Why can't they find Russian men with the same characteristics?
  9. Why do Russian women find it difficult to start and sustain desirable family life in Russia?
  10. How do Russian men and women differ in their interpretation of the breadwinner role?
  11. Do Russians condemn women for seeking to marry a foreigner?
  12. How is the Russian man Russian man an endangered species, according to the author?
  13. The autor says that some women correspond with foreign men for reasons other than marriage. what are some of these reasons?
  14. According to the author, in the perception of Russian female customers, what is the difficulty of ‘putting one’s personal life in order’ in Russia