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The Social Organization of Commercial Sex Work in Moscow, Russia: Study Guide

  1. What are some of the reasons for the increase of prostitution in Russia?
  2. How have changes in values and sexual mores contributed to the increase in prostitution?
  3. The authors say that most of the prostututes and their clients are non-Moscovites. What is the explanation?
  4. What are some of the usial places where sex workers in Moscow practice their trade?
  5. What is the social background of some of the women who practice sex work part time? Is that surprising to you?
  6. Where is the lowest stratum of female sex workers located
  7. To whom does "bumzh" refer?
  8. Which are the important groups in the dissemination of STIs? Why?
  9. What is a "tochka"? What is the process for a client and a sex worker to meet?
  10. What is an “indicator”?
  11. Describe the social organization of sex work. What are some of the positions of the people in the sex work organization?
  12. What is a “mamochkas”?
  13. What's the job of teh “pluckers"?
  14. Describe the various ways that young women are recruited for sex work.
  15. What are some of hte places from where they get recruited?
  16. In Russia people have to carry an internal passport, or registration papers to show their place of residence. Once they get recruited into the sex trade these papers are taken away fomthem. What is the purpose of this, and how does this make it difficult for them to get medical treatments, or to leave sex work?
  17. What is the relationship between the militia (police) and sex work?
  18. Describe the relationships between sex workers and clients?
  19. The authors state that sex work carried considerable stigma in the former Soviet Union, but this seems to be changing. Why might that be?
  20. Is sex work legal or illeagal in Russia? Explain.
  21. Describe the attitudes toward sex work and the social standing of sex workers in Russia.
  22. The article states that "According to one survey, 25% of female high school students in Moscow currently state that they want to become sex workers." What do you think ight be the reasons for such a high percentage?