FLRU 2520 Russia Today

The Russian Mob: Organized Crime in a Fledgling Democracy .

  1. How did perestroika aid in the expansion of organized crime in Russia?
  2. Why was the transition from the black market in the Soviet period to organized crime after the disintegration of the USSR successful?
  3. Describe how growth of organized crime in Russia after 1991 can be attributed to the government’s feeble transition to a market economy
  4. What role did the judicial system play in the growth of organized crime?
  5. How did the transition to a market economy contribute to the growth of organized crime
  6. What part does organized crime play in deterring entrepreneurships?
  7. How does organized crime deter competition in the economy?
  8. Describe the Russian organized crime's interaction with international crime syndicates?
  9. How has Russian organized crime contributed to this very "capital flight"?
  10. Relate the questions above to the plot and characters in the movies "Tycoon" and "The Brother".