ENGL 2210 World Literature II
Course Schedule: Spring 2009

Slight adjustments to this schedule may be necessary during the semester. All changes will be announced in class at least one day in advance. You should also check the course web page for changes.
W 1/7 Course Introduction.
F 1/9 The Enlightenment. Read: Anthology, Vol. D, 295-301. Study guides.
M 1/12 Introduction to Neoclassical art and architecture.
Read: Neoclassicism; Introduction to Neo-Classicism
W 1/14 ALEXANDER POPE: An Essay on Man. Study Guide
F 1/16 ALEXANDER POPE: An Essay on Man.
M 1/19 MLK Holiday. No class.
W 1/21 Moliere: Tartuffe, Acts I-II. Study Guide
POPE: "An Essay on Man" essay due!
F 1/23 Moliere: Tartuffe, Act III
M 1/26 Moliere: Tartuffe, Acts IV-V
W 1/28 Introduction to Romanticism. Study Guide
Read Anthology, Vol. E, pp. 651-658.
F 1/30 Introduction to Romantic art
Romanticism in art
Moliere: Tartuffe essay due!
M 2/2 Jean-Jacque Rousseau. Cofessions. pp. 662-678. Study Guide.
W 2/4 Romantic Lyrics
Read: Reading Romantic lyrics; Lyric Epiphanies and Speakers.
Shelley: "Stanzas Written in Dejection," p. 820;
Heine: "A pine is standing lonely," A young man loves a maiden," "Ah, death is like the long cool night" pp. 844-845
Leopardi: "To Himself"
Rousseau "Confessions" essay due!
F 2/6 Russian Romantic lyrics. Study Guide
M 2/9 Introduction to Realism.. Read pp. 1071-1076. Study Guide.
Romantic vs. Realistic fiction.
W 2/11 Introduction to realist art.
Nineteenth-Century French Realism.
Look at these paintings as examples of realist art:
Young Women from the Village; The Third-Class Carriage; The Dead Christ and the Angels; Breton Brother and Sister; Joan of Arc; The Pardon in Brittany
Romanticism essay due!
F 2/13 Dostoevsky. Introduction. Read Anthology, Vol. E, 1301-1306.
M 2/16 "Notes..." Chapters 1-3. Novel begins on page 1307. Study Guide
W 2/18 "Notes..." Chapters 4-6
F 2/21 "Notes..." Chapters 7-8
M 2/23 "Notes..." Chapters 9-11;
US News and World Report article: "Mysteries of the mind";
NYT article: The Trouble With Self-Esteem"
F 2/27 The Modern World. Vol E, pp. 1579-1589 only. Study Guide
M 3/2 Modernist Art
Geometric Abstraction; Pablo Picasso; Cubism; Surrealism; Abstract Expressionism
Dostoevsky essay due!
W 3/4 Dada-Surrealist Poetry: A Selection. Vol E, pp. 2109-2112. Study Guide.
Tristan Tzara: "From Dada Manifesto 1918", pp. 2112-2113; Kurt Schwitters: "Anna Blum", p. 2114; Paul Eluard: "Woman in Love", p. 2115; Joyce Mansour, pp. 2120-2121
F 3/6 Introduction to Existentialism.
Read: "The Ethics of Absolute Freedom," an article on Sartre's "Existentialism and Human Emotions". Summary of same article. Study guide.
Modernism essay due!
M 3/9 Camus. "The Guest". Volume F, pp. 2570-2582. Study guide
Existentialism: Genesis essay due
W 3/11 Kafka - "Metamorphosis", Part I
F 3/13 "Metamorphosis", Part II
"The Guest" essay due
M 3/16 - F 3/20 SPRING BREAK
M 3/22 "Metamorphosis", Part III
W 3/25 Richard Wright. "The Man Who Was Almost a Man". Volume F, pp. 2515-2527. Study Guide
Metamorphosis essay due
F 3/27 Lispector: "The Daydreams of a Drunk Woman". Study Guide
"The Man Who Was Almost a Man" essay due!
M 3/30 Leslie Marmon Silko: "Yellow Woman", Vol. F, pp. 3141-3150. Study Guide
"The Daydreams of a Drunk Woman" essay due.
W 4/1 Anita Desai: "The Rooftop Dwellers".Study Guide
"Yellow Woman" essay due.
F 4/3 Anita Desai: "The Rooftop Dwellers"
M 4/6 Introduction to African culture. Religion in Africa:
1. Creation stories. Study Guide;
2. Indigenous African Religions. Study Guide
"The Rooftop Dwellers" essay due.
W 4/8 Achebe - "Things Fall Apart". Volume F, pp. 2855-2947.
Main Characters
Chapters 1-3. Study Guide.
F 4/10 "Things Fall Apart". Chapters 4-6. Study Guide
M 4/13 "Things Fall Apart". Chapters 7-9. Study Guide
W 4/15 "Things Fall Apart". Chapters 10-12. Study Guide
F 4/17 "Things Fall Apart". Chapters 13-14. Study Guide
M 4/20 "Things Fall Apart". Chapters 15-18 Study Guide
First "Things Fall Apart"" essay due.
First draft of FINAL paper due!"
W 4/22 "Things Fall Apart". Chapters 19-20 Study Guide
F 4/24 "Things Fall Apart". Chapters 21-23 Study Guide
M 4/27 "Things Fall Apart". Chapters 24-25 Study Guide
Read Indigenous African Religions again.
W 4/29 Course review. Second "Things Fall Apart"" essay due.
Th 4/30 FINAL PAPER DUE!. Paper topics. Send as e-mail attachment.
W 5/6 FINAL EXAM. 8:00 - 10:30

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